Community Resource Card for Mecklenburg County

Medical Services

Autism Society of Mecklenburg County 704-392-9220
Mecklenburg Co. Health Dept. 704-336-6500
CMC Carolina Medical Center 704-863-6000
Levine Children’s ER Dept. 704-446-5437
Mecklenburg Co. Mental Health 704-336-2023
Levine Children’s Asthma Prog. 704-403-2660
Levine Children’s Sickle Cell Prog. 704-381-9900

Substance Abuse

Behavioral Health Care Outpatient 704-444-2400
Poison Control Center 800-222-1222
Alchololics Anonymous 704-377-0244

Crisis Services/Family Services

Crisis Center Helpline 704-371-3007
Rape Crisis Center 704-375-9900
Sexual Assault Hotline 704-375-9900
Child Protective Services 704-336-3000
Care Center of Domestic Violence 704-348-2560
Mecklenburg Sheriff Dept. 704-336-2543

Emergency Food & Shelter

Salvation Army 704-348-2560
My Sister House 704-200-2807
The Relatives 704-377-0602
Uptown Men Shelter 704-334-3187

Family Services

YMCA of CHA Meck. 704-716-4700
Boys and Girls Club 704-568-4636
WIC 704-336-6500
Family Support Network of Mecklenburg Co 704-336-7173