Market & Industry

There is an incredible market all over the nation for quality Pediatric businesses that specialize in working with children and in providing high-quality services. Through professional, consistent and accountable service delivery, Kidzcare Pediatrics creates an image and market reputation just with the way we do business – no one else does it the way that Kidzcare Pediatrics can. In addition, through advanced techniques, the customer is able to experience a patient experience which is pleasant, consistent and always professional.


According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc. β€œThe global market for Pediatric Drugs and Vaccines is forecast to reach $85 billion by the year 2017.”


The total pediatric healthcare market in USA is estimated at $186 Billion for 2012. Approximately $96 billion from Employee Sponsored Insurance (ESI), $78 billion from Medicaid Insurance, and $12 billion from uninsured self-pay patients is contributed to this growing market.

There are 75 million children in USA accounting for 24% of total US population (315 million) in 2013. They are primarily covered by either Employee Sponsored Health Insurance programs (41.4 million in 2010) or by federal-state sponsored Medicaid insurance programs (26.8 million in 2010) and approximately 7 million children were uninsured.

Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) estimates that ESI covered 41.4 million children in 2010. Since 2007, the population of children covered by ESI declined 5.7%. HCCI found that insurers and beneficiaries spent $87.9 billion on health care for children in 2010. Since 2007, total health care expenditures on children grew 11.9 %. Americans spent over 31.1% of their health care dollars for children on teenagers and 31.4% on infants and toddlers.

Additionally, The HCCI reports annual per capital health care expenditures for children in the US in 2011 was $2,347 with an increase of 7.7% from 2010 to 2011.1 Furthermore, children with preexisting conditions will no longer be denied insurance which will increase the demand for pediatric care.

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