Pediatric clinic opens in St. Pauls –2015

Practice now has 12 NC locationsST. PAULS — KidzCare Pediatrics, a medical practice with offices across the state, hasopened its latest clinic in St. Pauls.Dr. Ashok Jain, the physician who oversees the practice, said there was a need for apediatric clinic in St. Pauls. Jain operates 11 other pediatric clinics, in Fayetteville, Charlotte,Franklin, Hope Mills, […]

The Growing Pains Of Health Care Reform

Five years after Congress signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law, Journalsmallthe sweeping health care reform measure has impacted the local medical system in several ways. The stated goal of the reform, dubbed Obamacare, is to provide more Americans with access to affordable, quality health insurance and reduce the growth in health […]

Do Bullied Kids Blame Docs for Lack of Counseling?

WASHINGTON — Healthcare providers were listed as a main barrier to mental healthservices by bullied youths, according to researchers here. Among 440 middle and highschool students in Cumberland County, N.C., who took part in focus groups, 29% indicatedthey had experienced prior bullying, and among cited barriers to seeking help, healthcareproviders received a high ranking because […]

Cape Fear Voices – Pediatric care at Crossroads

Members of the N.C. General Assembly is expected to vote next week on a framework forMedicaid reform. Children make up the majority of our Medicaid recipients, even thoughthey account for well under half of Medicaid expenditures. Whether or not your familyreceives Medicaid, you need only look to the past month to know that the decisions […]