Chronic child care for a healthier tomorrow.

Care Management: Your child’s health is now in good hands

We know what the well-being of a child means to a parent and empathize with the concerns they face during chronic health issues. We at KidzCare have you covered. Our supportive solution through Care Management, ensures both your child’s healthcare and social goals are met with dedicated care and compassion.

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Care Management: Your Baby. Our Promise. 

A free program that gives our patients access to a wide range of needs anytime!

Committed to Children’s Chronic care 

Care Management is a service by KidzCare Pediatrics where our care manager goes beyond healthcare. From DME supplies to specialist appointments, food, utilities, transportation, and minimizing potential roadblocks that one may encounter while receiving quality health care, we work tirelessly and ensure your child’s health and happiness.

And it is completely FREE!!

Yes, you read it right. It is FREE. The services are part of your insurance. And if you don’t have insurance, we can help you with that. All you need to do is ask your child’s healthcare provider to send a referral to our care management team; we’ve got the rest covered.

Enrolling is really hassle-free! 

You are not required by your insurance or by KPPC to enroll in care management services. Our team will reach out to you or your family if you are on the list that your insurance company sends us. Rest assured, we aim to fulfill our obligation to your insurance carrier without causing you any inconvenience.

Just a call and you are enrolled!

Yes, it’s quite simple. You can request care management, or if you’re a KPPC patient, eligibility is automatic based on your insurance company’s assessment of your needs. You might even receive a call from us without requesting it.

How does care management work?

  • Care management services are generally provided over the phone.
  • You can be referred in two ways by care management: one by your insurance provider and the other by your KPPC provider.
  • A care coordinator will reach out to the family.
  • If the patient or the family agrees, then a phone assessment will follow with a care manager.
  • The assessment consists of social, health, and lifestyle questions to help understand the needs of the patients and their families.
  • A care plan is created by the manager with a set of goals, according to the requirement.
  • The patients would be followed up for a period of 2–3 weeks. The care manager and the coordinator will be in close contact during this period.  

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